Monday, July 20, 2009


By : Charles Ramendran

The handphone of secretary Teoh Beng Hock whose body was found on Thursday at the state Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) headquarters is in police possession and is being checked by investigators for clues in solving the case.

It is learnt that Teoh's handphone which his colleagues from the DAP had demanded from the Selangor MACC after the incident but appeared to be missing was handed over to police along with his other belongings by a MACC investigating officer who had earlier recorded a statement from the deceased on Friday.

Selangor police chief DCP Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar confirmed this but declined to elaborate.

Although the MACC had said that Teoh was merely a witness to the case and not a suspect, it did not say why they had taken away and kept his belongings including his handphone.

This evening, a police forensics team re-visited the Selangor MACC office and spent hours gathering more clues.

Police also have in their possession the video footages of CCTVs at the MACC office elevator area and the building carpark.

It is learnt that based on their early findings, investigators who have not ruled out foul play in the case though it has been classified as sudden death believe Teoh fell from the 14th floor as he had never left the office. It is also learnt that police investigators from the Shah Alam district police headquarters are working round the clock to get to the bottom of the case and to date 27 people, mostly Selangor MACC personnel have been questioned between 8am and 6.30am daily since the incident.

Meanwhile, the federal Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said today the premises of the Selangor office at the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam in Section 9 was not fitted with close circuit TV (CCTV), as it was a temporary office.

MACC deputy commissioner Datuk Abu Kassim Mohammad said they were considering to fit CCTVs at the Selangor MACC two weeks ago after being advised by the commission's Complaints Committee, which is an independent body comprising five members led by a former Appeal Courts judge.

He said the committee had advised them following several incidents where witnesses who had given their testimonies in a case voluntarily had made allegations of doing so under duress due to pressure from interogations.

He said the commission's headquarters in several other states such as Negri Sembilan and Penang had CCTVs in their buildings.
Abu Kassim said this when asked why the Selangor MACC was not installed with CCTVs which would have helped in the probe in Teoh's death. He said the Selangor MACC was waiting for its headquarters building in Section 16 also in Shah Alam to be built.

Abu Kassim said the federal MACC was also carrying out its own investigations into the incident which will be led by the commission's director of Professionalism and Excellence and the findings will be submitted to its Complaints Committee.

He said his personnel have been called in by police for questioning and are giving their full cooperation in the investigation.

ULASAN : Sudah semakin jelas Teo Beng Hock bukan "jatuh bangunan". Petunjuknya? Baca di atas.

Jika Teo Beng Hock sudah dibebaskan, macam mana handphone dan beberapa barang milik beliau masih berada dengan pegawai SPRM?
Kalau sudah bebas tentulah semua barangan itu sudah dipulangkan kepada beliau.

Makin kantoi nampaknya. Makin terserlah kekejaman kelompok haramjadah nih. Kalau jumpa, elok baling dengan batu jer puak puak haramjadah nih.

Polis pun dah mula bagi tekanan kepada beberapa individu yang mempunyai kaitan dengan Teo Beng Hock. Antaranya, Tan Boon Hwa, Manoharan, Ean Yong Hin Wah dan ahli keluarga mendiang.

Jika bertujuan untuk melengkapkan siasatan, kita sokong. Tetapi, jika untuk "menutup perkara perkara tertentu", maka kita doakan sahaja penyiasat penyiasat itu dilaknat seumur hidup kerana melindungi kekejaman itu juga suatu kekejaman.

Ada menteri mengarahkan pimpinan Pakatan supaya tutup mulut. Kenapa perlu tutup mulut? Takut mengganggu siasatan atau takut terdedah segala pembohongan? Nazri, mulut u busuklah.

Untuk para sahabat, bergandingan-tanganlah supaya api api perkauman yang sedang dinyalakan itu berjaya kita padamkan. Kita hantar kelompok haramjadah nih ke neraka.

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