Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Death Watch Bodies lie on the ground on a street in Urumqi in this still from video footage released by the Urumqi government on July 6.

Official Toll Medical staff attend to the wounded following Sunday's riots in this handout photo which officials say was taken in the late evening of July 5 and released July 6.

Dying To Be Heard Uighur women grab a riot policemen in Urumqi on July 7.

A Minority's Stake Women from Urumqi's Uighur community, a Muslim ethnic minority that comprises about 10% of the city's population, shout at Chinese riot police in this city of China's far west Xinjiang province on July 7, 2009. Two days before, Uighurs staged protests in Urumqi over discrimination by the Han Chinese. Over 150 people were killed and over 1400 wounded in the riots that ensued.

Not Alone A Uighur woman protests in front of riot police on July 7 in Urumqi. Hundreds of Uighur women took the capital's streets to speak out against the mass arrest of Uighur men that took place during and after Sunday's riots.

Chinese policemen march toward a group of local women in Urumqi protesting the arrest of relatives. The violence on July 5 triggered an enormous security crackdown across the province, where tensions have long been strained amid Uighur claims of repressive Chinese rule.

Han Chinese holding sticks and other makeshift weapons meet in the streets of Urumqi on July 7. Police fired clouds of tear gas into the crowds to disperse thousands of Han Chinese protesters, who gathered in response to the ongoing Uighur demonstrations.

A group of Han Chinese walks up a street carrying sticks and shovels through Urumqi, as chaos gripped this city riven by ethnic tensions.

Vehicles destroyed in the July 5 riots are seen on Beiwan Street in Urumqi. Rioters burned 261 vehicles, including 190 buses, at least 10 taxis and two police cars. The bodies of 57 people have been retrieved from the city's streets and lanes in the past two days; the rest have been confirmed dead at hospitals.

Chinese soldiers hold their rifles as they stand guard at a junction in Urumqi on July 6, a day after the deadly riots.

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